It’s a perfect day…

It’s always a good day for change. Today was that day for us, and we are excited to have you along for the run!

The Columbus Run Crew is a social movement. It is rooted in your passion for the run, but we all know running becomes much more than simply logging miles, checking your splits, and checking the local race calendars for your next 5K or half marathon.

Running to you has become a way in which you define yourself. Certainly it is just a part of what makes you tick. Those who haven’t discovered the same level of passion can’t understand. But, maybe one day you will help them to…

The Columbus Run Crew is going to change the landscape of the Columbus running community. There will be workouts. There will be races. There will be parties. And much, much more. All to celebrate you and your love of running!


Columbus Run Crew is all about celebrating the passion that comes from living a healthy, balanced, and active lifestyle. We support our community through fun group runs across Columbus, social events, volunteering, and racing. We welcome runners of all paces and experience levels.

Join us!


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