Run Crew Weekly

Hey everyone! Run Crew is about to kickoff, and we are excited you will be joining us this season! We have a slew of groups runs, events and more coming you way. Some of the details are still being finalized for group runs, but everything else is locked down!

Your gear will be here soon, and your discount codes were just delivered in the official Run Crew Weekly e-mail!

Run Crew is all about supporting our running community, and as such we have options to help you get more involved!

Be sure to check out the blogs. We have a few folks who will be contributing throughout the year. Some know their stuff. Others are just entertaining.

Info Session! We heard from a few of you that you’d like to hear more in person. Feel free to join us Wednesday May 17th at  6:30pm. I will confirm the location, but plan on pizza and beer…or something similar! Stay tuned!

We are looking forward to seeing you at all the events this year! We have most of the details below for you, but will be sending weekly follow-ups with more info as we go along!

If you haven’t yet signed up, get on it if you want all the perks! Just want to join in for the sweet groups runs?! No worries! Just show up!

See you soon!


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