Run Crew Wrap Up

What a debut for the Run Crew! That was a lot of fun seeing you all and seeing the results roll in. I met a few new faces as I’m sure you did as well! Going to be a fun season!

Two Races, loads of top AG & OA finishes! Here’s the #columbusruncrew wrap up:

Field of Heroes
58 Run Crew participants / 1,140 total
1st OA Male
2nd OA Male
3rd OA Male
4 x 1st Place AG
3 x 2nd Place AG
3 x 3rd Place AG
1 x 4th Place AG
4 x 5th Place AG
2 x 6th Place AG
1 x 7th Place AG
1 x 8th Place AG

UACA 5 Miler
23 Run Crew participants / 319 total
3 x 1st Place AG
2 x 2nd Place AG
1 x 3rd Place AG
1 x 4th Place AG
1 x 5th Place AG
2 x 8th Place AG

A couple things to note about the AG finishes… Top 3 OA finishers are removed from AG, so your AG placement may show a bit higher than what online results show.

Second, we have two bad ass women who won their age groups not once, but twice this weekend! Nicole Huston and Linda Wallace! Nice work ladies! Linda even through in a Beer Mile Sunday night!

I will have the updated points scoring tally posted here a bit later today. Stay tuned! UPDATE: Results are now up… click here to download the excel file with the fully tally of results. The pic below just shows those who are officially up on the board with points!

Columbus Run Crew – Team Point Scoring – 5.30.17

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.36.59 AM

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