The Beauty of a Summer Road Race

Greetings everyone, its been a week since my last entry. (Don’t check. It’s been a lot longer than that, because I’m slacking). Last weekend, I toed the line at the Field of Heroes 5k Run and Walk along with well over 1100 others. There was an incredible Columbus Run Crew turnout and seeing the black and gold brought me back to my Pittsburgh roots, sorry Cleveland fans. We had a mostly fair race (cough, Garrett) and the race was oodles of fun.

CapCity Sports Media - Robb McCormick Photography (303 of 3642).jpg


Cooling down after the race with Sam and Garrett, I found myself thinking about summer road races, and how vital they are to the running world. Whether you are chasing a time, completing your first 5k, or out to have fun and support a cause, there is a little bit of something for everyone. Every year, thousands of people converge on main roads, side streets, zig-zagging bike paths and maybe even take a quick detour through a fire station at the crack of dawn, all to better themselves.


Premier Races has a ton of summer road races coming up and if you’ve never made it out, this is your invitation to try something new. Come experience the magic of waking up insanely early on a Sunday during the summer, drinking way too much coffee, warming up too long before the race, and dying from the humidity because you thought it was a great idea to race in a cotton Metallica t-shirt. Despite all of this, you will see more smiles than anything.  You will not regret it.

CapCity Sports Media - Robb McCormick Photography (177 of 3642).jpg

Check out all of the event pictures here!

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