Tame The Flame!

Whether you've been running for years, or just getting into the sport -- you're fully aware of the glorious aches and pains that often accompany increased mileage or effort. Sure, your body may settle into a groove and those shorter, natural paced runs barely tick your comfort meter. Then, there are those longer, faster, harder, [...]

Just my few sense!

The trail makes me happy.  Even after hours of running, sweating, chafing, bugs, thorns, etc.  The trail makes me happy.  Is that odd?  Am I odd?  Or, is it possible that there is a bit of science at work?  What senses are stimulated by a little time on the trail and what benefits should we [...]

The Beauty of a Summer Road Race

Greetings everyone, its been a week since my last entry. (Don’t check. It’s been a lot longer than that, because I’m slacking). Last weekend, I toed the line at the Field of Heroes 5k Run and Walk along with well over 1100 others. There was an incredible Columbus Run Crew turnout and seeing the black [...]

Run Crew Wrap Up

What a debut for the Run Crew! That was a lot of fun seeing you all and seeing the results roll in. I met a few new faces as I'm sure you did as well! Going to be a fun season! Two Races, loads of top AG & OA finishes! Here's the #columbusruncrew wrap up: [...]

A Quick Intro

What’s up Columbus Run Crew!? Just wanted to stop in and give a quick little introduction. My name is Evan Hatton, I’m the tall, lanky blonde guy you all probably run into in the stores every once in a while. When I’m not in the store you’ll most likely be able to find me out [...]

Pack Perks!

-Benefits of training with a group. Race day.  Just you versus time.  PR, BQ, First Overall, or in your division, running certainly sounds like the ultimate individual effort.  Is it really?  Sure, setting out for a long run, unplugged from the world, clearing your mind of nothing but the sound of your breathing and a [...]

Run Crew Weekly

Hey everyone! Run Crew is about to kickoff, and we are excited you will be joining us this season! We have a slew of groups runs, events and more coming you way. Some of the details are still being finalized for group runs, but everything else is locked down! Your gear will be here soon, [...]

Join The Resistance!

- Five Quick Tips To Maximize Your Hill Workout Most everyone, by now, is aware that if you desire to improve your strength and speed, run hills.  And, it should go without saying, that if you would like to improve your ability to conquer races with significant elevation gain, you run hills.  Climb stairs.  Take [...]

It’s a perfect day…

It's always a good day for change. Today was that day for us, and we are excited to have you along for the run! The Columbus Run Crew is a social movement. It is rooted in your passion for the run, but we all know running becomes much more than simply logging miles, checking your splits, [...]